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Concrete entrapment under construction


Waterproofing is essential for maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Basements and crawl spaces are susceptible to high humidity levels that cause a musty smell and mould growth. Moreover, an unresolved water leak can cause serious damage to the concrete floor and foundation walls. Ox Slinger Service Inc. has experience in providing waterproofing services in Vanessa, Norwich, and surrounding areas. 


From new buildings to old homes, we offer customized waterproofing solutions to preserve the integrity and safety of all kinds of properties. Waterproofing your leaky basements can be a simple job of diverting dirt away from your property or digging outside along your home’s perimeter for a more extensive job. Call us for a site inspection to understand the scope of waterproofing work for your property and get started with a free quote.

Waterproofing membrane


Your home’s foundation is made from concrete that is porous in nature and is vulnerable to water intrusion. Proper water protection is essential for dry, leak-free basements. If you are building your home, now is the right time to attend to its waterproofing needs and prevent any future water damage to the property. 


We install Delta MS for protection against damp soil and drainage tile systems that drain water away from your house, ensuring that your home’s foundation walls and basement remain dry for a long time.

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Large crack in a house wall


Crack injections provide a prompt, cost-efficient barrier against water invading your existing structure. This type of waterproofing work is completed from the inside and can solve small to moderate water leak problems. If you suspect water leaks, our team is skilled in fast leak detection and can determine if the crack injection is the right solution for you.


If you have a drainage problem, we can help you with drainage cleaning and repairs.

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