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Heap of stone and sand at a construction material warehouse for sale. Stone and Sand are used as aggregates in concrete mix for construction.


Residential, municipal, industrial, or commercial, every project requires a reliable material supplier for timely completion. Ox Slinger Service Inc. sells and delivers high-quality aggregates, soil, and landscaping materials in Salford, Norwich, and surrounding areas.

Be it playground installation, landscaping, backfilling operations, and driveway or parking lot construction, we provide high-quality materials for a wide range of applications. We are also able to create many products in-house using our own crusher. With advanced recycling equipment, we are also able to recycle concrete and asphalt. If we don’t produce it, you can always trust us to quickly and ethically source any material you need in your project. Please feel free to call us with any questions.

New gravel driveway in rear of residential home


Ox Slinger Service Inc. is your go-to source for all kinds of materials you may need for different projects. Let us know what you require, and we’ll procure it quickly for you.


  • Aggregates - All types of quality construction aggregates.

  • Gravel - Pit run and crushed gravel for all decorative and functional applications.

  • Sand - All kinds of sand, including fill sand and screened and unscreened red sand.

  • Screened topsoil - Screened (sifted) topsoil free of lumps for many applications.

  • Stone - Stones of varying sizes and colours, including stone dust and armour stone/riprap.

Excavator digging out lawn to access water main problem leading to house


Do you require a high-performance backhoe or bulldozer for your residential landscaping or commercial construction project? Ox Slinger Service Inc. is your one-stop destination for equipment rental in Norwich and surrounding areas. Take your pick from our extensive fleet of equipment available to serve you on a flexible rental basis. Our equipment rental service also includes the assistance of our expert operator.


We are equipped to handle material delivery orders in high quantities with fast turnarounds.

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